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Scales of War is a series of adventures (adventure path) set in the area of the Elsir Vale, and the town of Brindol. It takes place in the generic D&D fantasy setting, meaning that it does not take place in any particular world as a whole. Published monthly in the online Dungeon magazine by Wizards of the Coast, the campaign is intended to take characters all the way from level 1-30. I will probably be making modifications to the encounters and storyline as I see fit to make it a more customized and enjoyable experience for everyone.

This wiki will be updated after each adventure, and also keep track of our progress, events in the world and a general container of information. I will also be using the wiki in order to flush out the back story of Brindol and the Elsir Vale, and adding any other useful information as it develops. The home page here will contain news and updates from me about the game, the adventure log will have a description of your progress after each session, and also as a nice write up of how your story unfolded when we are all done. The wiki section will contain articles about the game world. NPC Tracker contains information on important characters. Forum, maps and comments are pretty self-explanatory. Anyway, take a look around!


Home Page

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