Elsir Vale


A thinly populated human and demi-human frontier region, comprised of a vale ( 250 miles east-west, 70 miles north-south) bounded by mountains, forests and the Elsir River. 1000 years ago it was just a part of a mighty dwarven kingdom which spanned all of the mountain ranges around the vale. Now all that remains of the dwarfs’ works are a few bridges, cisterns and the Dawn Way, a flagstone paved road that runs the length of the vale and beyond. The Dawn Way is the trade link of the Vale, both within its borders, and linking it to areas beyond. Hundreds of years passed before a human kingdom, Rhest, grew up out of the remains of that land. That was 500 years ago. But it too fell, some 200 years ago, leaving the villages and towns to fend for themselves. That state has continued to this day.


Elsir River: a broad, slow-moving river fed by a number of tributaries, It is generally 200-400 yards wide. A bridge crosses it at Brindol, and ferries operate at Drellin’s Ferry and Talar.

Rhestwash River: joins Lake Rhestin with the Elsir

Lake Rhestin: a shallow, marshy lake almost 100 miles long north to south (think something the size of Champlain, Simcoe , even Lake of the Woods-ish). Its shores are dotted with the ruins of abandoned villages and manors.

The Blackfens: a marsh along the eastern shores of Lake Rhestin. It holds the ruins of Rhest.

The Witchwood: a lush, wet woodland, interspersed with swampy stretches. Said to be haunted by restless spirits of ancient druids.

Wyvernwatch Mountains: a forbidding range of high, steep mountains to the north.

Giantshield Mountains: a low range of arid, well-weathered peaks to the south with a number of mining and farming settlements in its foothills.

Wyrmsmoke Mountains: a rugged set of hills and low mountains featuring several active volcanoes. Plumes of smoke and ash can be seen arising from the region’s interior. Home to a number of goblin, hobgoblin, and bugbear tribes.

The Thornwaste: a vast barren land featuring mazes of broken hills, briar-choked ravines, and dry, dusty scrubland giving way to true desert terrain deeper in. Home to savage man-eating lions, sphinxes, and other hungry monsters.

Elsir Vale

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