Alea Iacta Est

Attack on Brindol

Our heroes met each other, drank, and shared a meal of boar ribs, at the Antler and Thistle tavern, there was Melusine a dragonborn fighter who was orphaned by her kind and raised by humans, Oksrum, a tiefling warlord who was a veteran of many battles, and Ronjon an elven ranger who specializes in hunting down monsters, usually more at home in the wilderness but found himself in this tavern, perhaps by fate.

While they were eating and drinking, suddenly the tavern fell under attack by a raiding force of hobgoblins, intent on dealing death and destruction and hobgoblins set fire to the tavern before the heroes were able to defeat them. Fortunately, there were minimal causalties (the wench was saved a few times!) and the fire at the bar was put out by Melusine before any severe damage was done.

After the battle in the tavern, the heroes took to the streets where they saw a massive ogre was attached to a cart loaded with barrels of roofing pitch (a crude explosive). They were just able to defeat the ogre as a crowd gathered to watch the exploits. They then heard there was trouble at the bridge leading into town, but as they arrived the battle was already over and the hobgoblins in retreat.

The next day, a member of the town council Eoffram Troyas summoned the adventurers to a meeting. He informed them that 7 townspeople were taken captive by the hobgoblins, and artifacts from the town hall were also stolen. He offered the reward of 200 gold pieces (with 50 paid up front) for the rescue of the townspeople, and another 200 gold for the return of the artifacts.

The adventurers interrogated a captive hobgoblin, Morrick, and learned that this band of goblins was led by one named Sinruth, who was raised on stores about the great warband Red Hand of Doom and seeks to emulate their former glory. The hobgoblins are using the remains of old castle Rivenroar up in the mountains as thier base of operations, and here is where the party must venture next.

The Beginning.

For reasons you only know, you find yourself traveling through the Elsir Vale. In need of supplies and a rest, you stop in the city of Brindol. Rumors have been circulating around town that the hobgoblins in the mountains are starting to organize, wishing to emulate the horde of the Red Hand of Doom which wreaked so much havoc 10 years ago. Hobgoblin attacks have been getting bolder, and some say the city itself may not as be safe as it seems.

After a day of haggling with merchants and talking to the locals you retire to the local pub for some relaxation and a room in which to spend a night. Here you meet other like-minded travelers and begin to share your tales with each other, not knowing that another one was about to begin..


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